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Ohhhh–I’m one happy mama! My daughter’s fiancé popped the question in a surprise engagement proposal during a trip we took as a family to Tennessee to see the Foo Fighters in concert and to visit dear friends who live in Nashville. Trey and my husband cooked up the scheme and Alyssa and I were completely unaware anything was up.

The day Trey chose for their big moment turned out to be a bit colder than we all anticipated and drizzly as well…meaning Alyssa dressed warmly instead of the cute little dress she had intended to wear. We were all ready planning on doing the tour of the Belle Meade Plantation in Nashville and having lunch at the Harding Place Restaurant there so although we were a little disappointed in the dreary weather, Alyssa and I didn’t think much about it. And I was glad I had my back camera to the back up camera to my good camera (meaning my old Nikon D80 that I don’t mind taking on vacations! I can’t bring my Nikon D610s!) A little drizzle of rain wouldn’t hurt it at all! And I had my little 5omm lens instead of a telephoto lens so I could pop it in my purse if needed.

Anyway, Trey walked around for 2 hours with that ring, loose in his pocket.  We did the tour, the wine tasting, had lunch, visited the gift shop (twice!) and then walked out to the front of the mansion to take a few pictures. And that’s when he popped the question. Needless to say- Alyssa was shocked. I was shocked. We were all very happy. And being a photographer and taking photos of your own daughter’s surprise engagement proposal equals not very good pictures! Everything I know went completely out of my head as I was blubbering like a baby as our one and only baby said yes to her love. So, blurry, crooked and faraway, here are a few of the happy moments. Later, I even forgot to tell her to take her purse off-that’s how shook up I was taking these photos…these two have dated for 6 years so we’re happy it’s finally the right time for them! And so happy to welcome Trey to our family, although he has been part of it for so long now, he’s like a son to us already. I will be posting more as I fix my crying mama errors with them lol.

Nashville October 2015-6_edited-1

Belle Meade Plantation, Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville October 2015-7_edited-1

Right before the big moment. Trey told me he wanted a picture he could send to his mom who was at the FSU game back in Tallahassee. I’m like, ok, but let me get one first of ya’ll with the house, lol.

Nashville October 2015-9

And the big moment. Alyssa cannot believe it. And my husband has a death grip on me to keep me from rushing over there haha. Looking at this picture now all I can think is, don’t drop it in that gravel!!!

Nashville October 2015-12

The knee drop…the only way to do it properly, right?

Nashville October 2015-14

Our favorite, even if it is the blurriest of them all. So sweet…

Nashville October 2015-31_edited-1

My baby girl is just a crying here….

Nashville October 2015-37_edited-1

The boy did good…it’s a Forevermark diamond. It’s a keeper and so is Trey!

Nashville October 2015-23 copy
Nashville October 2015-28_edited-1
Nashville October 2015-29_edited-1

I seriously may have to have someone stop me from uploading all 200 photos from this shoot. I mean, the entire family was gorgeous, sweet and fun. Karen, the amazing mom of these beautiful kids, was so much fun and our birthdays are only like three days apart, and we are the same age…who doesn’t love a fellow Aquarius? Anyway–on to the photos…I’ll try to limit myself to just a few…But it’s hard….so dang hard…lol

Tangel Family 08-04-15-69

Best Friends!

Tangel Family 08-04-15-15
Tangel Family 08-04-15-44
Tangel Family 08-04-15-51
Tangel Family 08-04-15-54
Tangel Family 08-04-15-88
Tangel Family 08-04-15-95
Tangel Family 08-04-15-107
Tangel Family 08-04-15-113
Tangel Family 08-04-15-119
Tangel Family 08-04-15-123
Tangel Family 08-04-15-130
Tangel Family 08-04-15-135
Tangel Family 08-04-15-140
Tangel Family 08-04-15-154 copy
Tangel Family 08-04-15-28

~You are the finest, loveliest, tenderest, and most beautiful person I have ever known-and even that is an understatement.~ F. Scott Fitzgerald


Theresa and Tony popped on down here from Kentucky to have their elopement on our beautiful beaches! Surrounded in a heart created in the sand by their children, they exchanged vows and never stopped smiling. Especially Tony–I don’t think he stopped smiling the whole time we were on the beach! And with such a beautiful bride, can you blame him? Loved being a part of this couple’s special day–got cloudy and a bit misty toward the end of our time together but that just gave the beach a dreamy quality that we don’t normally get during the summer months…Congrats Theresa and Tony!

Smith 07-30-15-125

Theresa’s daughter had her own excitement! Her fiancé proposed the night before!

Smith 07-30-15-128

The newly engaged couple!

Smith 07-30-15-166

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Smith!

Smith 07-30-15-72
Smith 07-30-15-84
Smith 07-30-15-88
Smith 07-30-15-115
Smith 07-30-15-132
Smith 07-30-15-150 copy
Smith 07-30-15-153 copy
Smith 07-30-15-160
Smith 07-30-15-167 copy

“Sitting next to you is like taking a sip of eternity.

The sun, the stars, the sky, never tasted so good” ~ Christy Ann Martine

Amanda and Jeff, and of course their little boy, Jacob, came all the way down from Illinois just to say “I DO!” on our beaches. And after spending the afternoon with this sweet couple and their awesome family and friends, I’m so glad they did! We had a beautiful day for a beach wedding, lots of sunshine, clear water, HOT weather…well it is Summer so that’s to be expected! Thank you Amanda and Jeff for trusting Emerald Coast Beach Weddings with your special day! I hope you had as much fun as I did!


See these signs at lots of weddings on Pinterest but soooo much cuter on the beach! Great job on making this guys!


Mandy got so tickled during the vows…what a great way to start a marriage! With lots of laughter and love!!!


They seriously danced all the way down the aisle…I love it when couples do that!!!!


And kept on dancing down to the edge of the water. Can’t you just feel their joy? I can!


~Why you wanna marry me anyhow? ~So I can kiss you anytime I want.



Don’t know why this didn’t show up in James and Kayla’s set of photos I posted yesterday!  The pirates came up as we were leaving the beach that night and were so sweet to stop and let us take a photo with the happy couple! At no time were we in danger in being carried off though–these were nice pirates!

Moore 10-10-14-235

M o r e   i n f o