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Oh, one of my favorite weddings!¬† Kristina and Jeremy were so much fun and their little boy was so cute–I just wanted to pinch his little cheeks ūüôā¬† He kept me laughing for sure when we were taking family photos after the ceremony.¬† Kristina wanted something very understated when it came to the decorations so we decided on the Bamboo Beach, with champagne colored sashes.¬† It was so elegant.¬† And the perfect pop of color came from her bouquet and the peachy pink dresses the bridesmaids wore.¬† They were all such beautiful girls…and the groomsmen weren’t too bad either!¬† They played along when I did the photo of all of them gazing in wonder at Jeremy’s wedding ring…everyone was cracking up with laughter after I took that one!¬† Hope you enjoy and congrats again to Kristina and Jeremy Timmerman!


Kelli and Michael’s August 8th wedding was certainly colorful!¬† But I loved the tropical feeling of it–and although I was a first a little hesitant about the color combination, I do think the turquoise and deep purple were actually quite lovely together!¬† And Kelli’s dress was a first for me—the entire full skirt could be removed, leaving behind a knee-length sheath dress…how cool is that?¬† It took all of like 30 seconds to remove the skirt and then we were able to take photos that were a little more casual.¬† So cute!¬† Anyway, hope you enjoy this sweet couple’s wedding photos!


I love how the Seashell Sweet Garland looks like jewelry!

I love how the Seashell Sweet Garland looks like jewelry!

Merrell 08-04-14-179 copy
Merrell 08-04-14-252
Merrell 08-04-14-270
Merrell 08-04-14-281

Have you ever had the opportunity to be part of something that was so absolutely perfect that you just wanted to jump up and down in glee?¬† Well, that was me at Karleigh’s and Kyle’s wedding on July 17th.¬† I mean, come on–the couple was just gorgeous, the beach was stunning and the light, well, the light that day was absolute perfection.¬† And oh my gosh–have you seen a more beautiful fishtail braid than the one Karleigh is showing off?¬† It was just lovely.

It was sooooo easy to take this sweet couple’s photos…can’t you just feel the sweetness coming through the screen????¬† Not to mention their use of our black sashes with the tiki torches which created such an elegant feel for such a simple little package.¬† It really proves that less is more and sometimes, the best course is to let the natural beauty of the bride and groom and the beach itself shine through.¬† Hope you enjoy and congrats again to Karleigh and Kyle!

Greene 07-17-14-58
Greene 07-17-14-91
Greene 07-17-14-96

Karleigh and her mom.  Yes, I said her mom!  I could hardly believe it!

Karleigh and her mom. Yes, I said her mom! I could hardly believe it!

Kyle and his mom.  She didn

Kyle and his mom. She didn’t look old enough to have a son his age either!

Greene 07-17-14-139 copy
Greene 07-17-14-145
Greene 07-17-14-167
Greene 07-17-14-177
Greene 07-17-14-215

I cannot believe it is 2015 already.  Boy, did 2014 just fly by!  I met so many sweet couples this year, not to mention their lovely families!  And got to reconnect with one of my favorite couples that we married five years ago so I could do their summer vacation photos (loved seeing you guys again, Mike and Michele Caskey!  And those kids of yours made my summer so much brighter!)

Now,¬†most everyone will make¬†some type of¬† New Year’s Resolution and I really only have one this year—To Breathe. Which for me means to slow down a little and enjoy life more, to say “I love you” more, to laugh more,¬†and not stress out¬†so much (hard¬†not to do when I’m looking at rainclouds on a bride’s wedding day!) And I mean to¬†do it too–to take the time to enjoy all of God’s gifts and to be thankful.

In keeping with such a simple concept,¬†here is an elopement we did back¬†on July 15th.¬† Our¬†couple, Kimberly and Jeff¬†decided to elope—just the two of them.¬† By themselves…with no one else.¬† It was simple and sweet and meaningful.¬† It was one of my favorite weddings of the year and these two were so¬†in¬†love, I think most of the time they forgot the officiant and I were even there!¬† So enjoy the simplistic, elegant elopement¬†Kimberly and Jeff decided was the right choice for them…and yes, it was cloudy and had rained earlier but the light was beautiful for the ceremony and the photos!¬†

Glover 07-15-14 jpegs-28
Glover 07-15-14 jpegs-34
Glover 07-15-14 jpegs-62
Glover 07-15-14 jpegs-77
Glover 07-15-14 jpegs-84
Glover 07-15-14 jpegs-95
Glover 07-15-14 jpegs-114

Robert and Samantha’s wedding was on July 14th and this couple was so sweet they just had me smiling the whole time!¬† With a military feel and the necessary navy blue color scheme, it was my pleasure to be a part of it and to be able to give my thanks for Robert’s service to our country!¬† And Samantha was a beautiful bride who was glowing with happiness!¬† Congrats to these two!

Price 07-14-14-11
Price 07-14-14-14
Price 07-14-14-16
Price 07-14-14-28
Price 07-14-14-31
Price 07-14-14-34

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