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My Quarter Horse palomino mare is shedding her winter coat.  This means half of her looks like a sleek, shiny penny while the other half is a furry cream.  Hanging out in the fields with her friends on a beautiful spring day, with new grass….it’s Horsey Heaven!

Scout 04-14 034
Scout 04-14 002
Scout 04-14 014
Scout 04-14 023

I think Spring is officially here now.  The azaleas are blooming like mad in my backyard.  So pretty and bright!  Had to take a few pictures but even then this does not do them justice!  I also had to include a photo of our GSD Blue as he patrolled the back yard..he is so goofy.  And a different perspective of one of our sunsets–I took this last night on St. Andrews Bay in downtown Panama City.  Pretty right?

spring2014 021
spring2014 023
spring2014 015
spring2014 007
spring2014 002

So, I’ve been struggling to add photos to the galleries so people will actually have something to look at when they come to this page.  It’s been a challenge to say the least!  I am so computer dumb!  But thankfully I had some help (thanks Trey for all you have done over the last month!)  Now, go ahead and check out some of my work and feel free to post a comment if you feel moved to do so! 

Chesser 05-09-12-174

Spring 2014
spring 2014 002
eggs and cottage dec 2013 069
eggs and cottage dec 2013 074
Hello World!  Yay!  My first post on the new photo blog….excited and just a little out of my element since I’ve never really blogged before.  But–first time for everything!

So, it is raining cats and dogs here but the last few days have really felt like Spring!  I love Spring so I thought a few photos would compliment the idea of my new blog-something new and fresh!  Enjoy and feel free to comment if I have been lucky enough for you to find me on the big ole internet!

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